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Lawn Maintenance

ABC Landscaping offers a full array of lawn care services that save you time while keeping your lawn beautiful.  From routine mowing services to more complex core aeration, our experienced crew has the knowledge and skill to keep your lawn looking its best.  Call today for a free estimate. We’ll happily evaluate your lawn and recommend an appropriate maintenance schedule that will make your lawn healthy and look its best.

Some of the lawn services we provide include:
• Commercial and Residential Mowing
• Bermuda Seeding
• Winter Rye Grass Overseeding
• Fertilizer Applications
• Aeration –
 Core aeration is a procedure whereby a lawn aerator machine with hollow tines removes plugs or “cores” of soil and thatch from a grass area. Aerating reduces soil compaction, creating a channel through which oxygen, water, and nutrients can penetrate into the soil. 

Bush and Hedge Trimming

You’ve invested a lot of time and money in your landscaping design. Keep it looking amazing with regular bush and hedge trimming.

ABC Landscaping utilizes the most appropriate pruning methods and schedules to bring out the best in your bushes and hedges. We work hard to maintain our equipment so that you’re plants are getting the nice clean cut they deserve.


Best Times to Feed Your Lawn:

January — Keep that winter grass nice and green with a round of fertilization to keep it going till the high temperatures arrive.

​Bermuda Season — Bermuda grass season starts in late May when our temperatures get hotter. This is a good time to fertilize to help the Bermuda grass grow healthy and green. The best time to fertilize grass is in the evening or early morning and water it in for about 6 minutes.​

October to November — Fall fertilization gives your lawn the nutrients it needs to grow, whether you over seeded with Winter Rye or just to keep your Bermuda grass green going longer into cold temperatures. Fertilizing in fall also takes advantage of the cooler temperatures, rainfall and morning dew that come with gentler fall weather.

Lawn Fertilization

Regular fertilization can improve the look and health of any lawn.
While your lawn can benefit from annual fertilization, putting it on a quarterly feeding schedule will ensure it can better withstand mowing, foot traffic, heat, cold, and other natural stresses.

Because no two lawns are alike, what works for your neighbor’s lawn may not produce the same results in your yard. Sun, shade, soil composition and other factors all play a part in determining what type of fertilizer your lawn needs to thrive.

Our crew has experience using a variety of both synthetic and organic fertilizers and can recommend a beneficial, eco-friendly option that will supply your soil and grass with the nutrients necessary to thrive.
Get an estimate today. The best time to fertilize is right around the corner.


Tree Trimming

Regular tree maintenance is important here in our desert especially before Monsoon season starts and those high winds come in. Proper pruning of your trees is important to avoid limbs breaking and opens the tree canopy to avoid problems and ensure healthy growth.

Irrigation Repair and Care

Our irrigation repair and care services save you water, time and money by ensuring that your lawn receives the exact amount of water it needs to stay green and lush.

Say goodbye to over watering, wet spots, broken drip lines, missing emitters and non-functioning sprinkler heads.

We thoroughly assess your property and irrigation system to determine and correct any problems to bring perfect balance to your lawn, plants and trees.
Whatever the season, ABC Landscaping offers a variety of repair and maintenance services. Whether your system is in need of overall testing or your irrigation timer needs to be adjusted for summer or winter we can set it for that season.